Weston Nakamura

Global Macro Trader and Financial Content Creator

“Weston is like a hybrid of The Daily Show + BloombergTV (but with sharper humor and insights).”

Born and raised in New York. Moved to Tokyo with one suitcase. Hired by Goldman off the streets (literally) to trade futures, options & listed derivatives, then to Jefferies Japan Equity Sales & Japan Macro Hedge Fund Sales.

Currently Global Markets Contributor at Real Vision, creating original content on global macro markets, and interviewing guests.

Specialize in identifying how and where Asia intersects with broader cross-asset markets globally, with emphasis on central bank policy analysis – namely the Bank of Japan. And often with a twist of (attempted) humor and entertainment.

The Highly Unconventional Way of How and Why I Got Into Finance

Weston Nakamura‘s unusual path from D-student, to institutional finance. Video clip from WTFinance Podcast

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Markets Meme Clips

(Being a Professional Clown on Finance & Markets)
Weston’s Trading Disclaimer (may sound amusing, but not a joke)
1-on-1 with Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda
Bank of Japan feat. J-Pop Group “USD148” / AKB48 (from “How Bank of Japan Blew Up Global Markets in 2022”)
Yield Curve Control as Explained by Bank of Japan Governor Will Smith
From Developing Debt: The China Levergrande Default
China Levergrande “Jail, or Die”

Video Clips on Trading & General Markets Philosophy

We are not trading markets, we are trading ourselves

The Asia ↔︎ Europe/US Financial Markets Media Info Arb

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Expect the Unexpected: A Trading Lesson from my High School Self

Laundry List of BTC and Risk Asset Drivers

Watch Full Video:Explaining BTC Price Action Through Futures-Backed ETFs

Video Clips on the Bank of Japan

Why Bank of Japan is fundamentally the world’s most consequential major central bank, as the laboratory for radical policy experimentation:

March 2021

How Bank of Japan’s Yield Curve Control has been holding global financial markets together “behind the scenes” since 2016, and what may happen if YCC is compromised:

February 2022 Why Global Markets Are Addicted to the Bank of Japan”
A real example of what happens when Bank of Japan loses control of Yield Curve Control (for just one day):
June 13, 2022 “How Long Can the Bank of Japan Stay Dovish?

Full Videos of Original Content


Why Global Markets Are Addicted to the Bank of Japan

How The Bank of Japan Uses Media to Test Policies (BOJ “Press Tests”)

How the Bank of Japan Blew Up Global Markets in 2022


Developing Debt: The China Levergrande Default


How Policy Changes Created Turkish Lira Volatility (and Why it Matters to You)

Differentiated Takes on Global Cross-Asset Markets

Why Did Markets Rally After a Fed Rate Hike?

How to (and not to) Trade Geopolitical Risk

Trading Geopolitical Risk (Part 2)

Bitcoin / Crypto

Explaining BTC Price Action Through Futures-Backed ETFs

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Latest Interviews on Real Vision Daily Briefing

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